Exploding Wumpus was my first webcomic, It ran from 2007-2010 and all in all, had about 260 strips. It was a video game comedy/pop-culture jokes kind of webcomic. You know, one of those.

Many of these comics were written and drawn while I was quite young, and ALL of them were written and drawn while I was quite naive. But I am sharing these comics because I believe that they still have value. A lot of these strips are actually quite funny and if you like what you’ve read of my work with The Aversion Bureau then you’ll surely see bits of that come out in these ancient panels. I think you’ll enjoy them. But there will be bad ones, somewhat offensive ones, and a liberal use of very naughty words. Enjoy!

Click here for the Exploding Wumpus Complete Collection

It’s completely free so please read it or download it to your heart’s content!
I only ask that you do not upload it anywhere else, sell it, or re-distribute the comics.
(For whatever reason you might want to do that.)